Saturday, June 15, 2013

Favorites from May

Leah is in love! is Dad.

Dad's first real snuggle. Matt's a sucker for a baby that will sleep on his chest.

Austin has the cutest wrinkles. His back is full of these extra folds of skin.

How comforting to have a super hero for a big brother.

My crew. I love them mucho.

Summer babies get to live in onesies all the time. I like it- and may be slightly jealous.

I hate snakes. Parker does not. After we let this one go Parker made us look for it for the next two days.

I love those red highlights in his hair.

Austin loves.LOVES. a good swaddle.

Matt is incredible.

Putting Parker into a pool is like throwing a cat in water. Eventually he warmed up to it.

Memorial Day

Parker and Mason Hancock

Isaac Hancock and Leah

Spencer and Allison Hancock and us.

Austin is freakishly strong. We have a video of him lifting and controlling his neck for an extended period of time when he was only four days old.

I can't believe how much a baby changes in the first few weeks.

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Amber said...

You can see the love that Leah and Parker have for Austin in all of the pictures! And the picture of Austin in the green onesie and the one in your lap-he looks like a Quinney!