Monday, June 27, 2011

No-Guilt Shortcuts

I found this little article from Parenting Magazine online. I found it funny. Mostly. The article details 9 guilt free shortcuts that most families commit at some point. I just can't imagine people actually setting up these standards for themselves. NEVER and WON'T are such definite things.

1. You Said: "I'll Never Serve Frozen Dinners."
I don't serve frozen meals, I serve boxed meals. Not every day, but in a pinch nothing is more of a life saver. Plus Leah loves it.
2. You Said: "My Living Room Won't Look Like a Playroom."
Oh please. I'm a Cleaning Crazy and I knew this would never happen.
3. You said: "I Won't Ever Raise My Voice."
Um, yeah... 
4. You Said: "I'm Never Wearing a Girdle!"
Spanx is the best thing that ever happened to my church wardrobe.
5. You Said: "My Kids Won't Watch TV."
We limit the TV and movie watching in our house, but it happens pretty much every day. I think that as long as you can control that amount of time spent in front of it and the content, worse things have happened than TV.
6. You Said: "I'll Never Skip a Haircut."
I wasn't even good at this prior to having kids, or being married, or being a teen. I just don't have the time or desire to worry about my hair being perfectly trimmed at all times. It's always up in a pony tail anyway.
7. You said: "I Won't Snack Between Meals."
I try not to make a habit out of it, but I do it. My problem is self control. It's so easy for me to rationalize away a few bites here and there, then all of the sudden I've gained 10 pounds. Stupid cookie dough. When I snack I try to make it fruits and vegetables though.
8. You Said: "I Won't be a Homework Nag."
I haven't crossed this bridge yet, but I'm sure I'll be a nag when it comes to school. Nagging is kind of in my nature. Come on, you know it's in you too.
9. You Said: "I'll Never Complain About My Hubby."
I try REALLY REALLY REALLY hard not to complain about him. I know he doesn't complain about me (cause he's freaking awesome) and I feel I owe him the same. Occasionally a less than flattering remark may spill out concerning men in general, but rarely mine in specific. I just think he deserves more than that.


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Carl and Steph said...

psst, It's okay to snack between meals.