Friday, May 31, 2013

The Aftermath

The week Austin arrived was a busy week. A REALLY busy week. It's so strange to bring home a child to an already established family and way of life. There is so much shifting to be done. We shift around him, and he (for better or worse) shifts around us.

Things really have been going well though.

Matt was able to be home with us for a full two weeks after Austin's birth. In the past I've often wished him back to work too soon so I could get started with real life. Little did I know, that if I just gave up that mental control of having to 'get back into it', I would have been so much happier. Having Matt home with the family all day has been amazing. It's helped the family transition go so much more smoothly. I've been able to focus on myself and getting to know my baby in a way that I never allowed myself before. Our home has had the most wonderful spirit about it. Things aren't perfect, but they are (to quote Alice in Wonderland), "much muchier."

BUT, all good things must come to an end, and Matt returned to work this past Monday. Happily, Matt and I had a plan prior to leaving the hospital, and just having some good mental preparation has helped my personal/mental recovery and transition hugely. This is also the first time I've had a baby and haven't had a calling. When I had Leah I was the primary chorister, not a big deal. I just needed to find a sub for a few weeks. With Parker I was in the YW Presidency, and it was a little bit harder to get all that covered. I had a hard time focusing on a newborn while I had this other calling looming in my brain. This time around, with Austin, I have no calling. I was released the Sunday after he was born. And while I'm quite sad that I'm not with the YW anymore, I'm also quite relieved to only have to think about my family. I loved my calling, but I'm really enjoying ENJOYING my newborn.

Now, onto Austin. He's great! Gaining weight, and filling out a little bit here and there. Although when people see him they still exclaim at his tiny head and super skinny legs. It's funny to  me because while I recognize him now, I didn't for a few days. He DOES NOT look like my other babies. I see a little familiarity here and there, mostly in his eye shape and nose, but that is where it ends.

Newborn Leah

Newborn Parker

Newborn Austin


MarcD said...

He really does have a different look, but I wouldn't say Leah and Parker looked hugely similar at first either-- you can definitely tell who's who! I'm so glad you don't have a calling right now!! Obviously you'll get one when the time comes, but for now, yesss! Enjoy that cute baby.

Sarah said...

I know what you mean! It's so different bringing a baby home when you already have routines established and older kids around. I kind of like it.
I love the newborn comparison. You're right- he looks nothing like the others. But they are all their own version of adorable. I'm glad you got a break from callings for a bit! Enjoy your sweet Austin!