Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Images from Christmas' Past - and our 20 week surprise

Because I haven't bothered to figure out how to get the photos off the borrowed camera I used during this year's Christmas, I'll regale you with images of years gone by.


On Christmas Eve morning Matt and I went to have the 20 week ultrasound of our baby.  While we were waiting for the ultrasound all of the sudden we realized that this pregnancy COULD be a boy. Even though we were so sure it wasn't. However, if it were a boy, we were not prepared with a name for him- and we'd never not had a name prepared going in to a 20 week ultrasound. We had settled on a girl's name so quickly that there seemed to be no other option. Right there, in a dimly lit room, in about thirty seconds Matt and I decided on a boys name- if we needed it. We knew we wouldn't. As we said the name out loud, Matt acknowledged that it felt good. I agreed. Knowing that we wouldn't need it.

We opted to have the gender be kept secret until we could watch the DVD with the kids on the next morning, on Christmas. 

I definitely don't have any photos of that event, as I spent a good portion of the morning in tears about it. Matt and I were so sure this pregnancy was going to give us a little girl. I was heartbroken for a bit. I know there are those out there thinking that I should be grateful that I am pregnant and that's it's healthy. And I am. But there was a large part of my heart that was set on welcoming another baby girl. It isn't as though I didn't want a boy at all, I just really was aching for a girl. I had connected with this pregnancy as though it were a little girl. I felt like I'd lost... something.

That being said, I really am happy to be having a little boy. As I was trying to reconcile my brain and my heart with this news I watched my Parker playing so happily with a new toy. All the joy in the world lit up those eyes of his, he said something funny (I don't know what), and I melted a little bit. Having another boy will be wonderful! It'll be fun, and messy, and loud, and hysterical, and rough, and I can't wait for Parker to have a little buddy. He needs a little buddy.


Snell Family said...

It's always fun to look at pictures from previous years! And congrats on baby boy Quinney, I can picture Leah being a cute "mommy" to the baby and Parker being the big brother that has someone to wrestle with [at least in a couple years:)].

Unknown said...

Melanie I understand. I needed pink and ribbons so badly after 2 boys and a 6 year wait for Anna. Sometimes I hurt for it. I prayed Anna here maybe out of order and it certainly was not as fun for Anna as she waited through 2 great little brothers and 6 years for her twin Emily!!! No wonder she was a jock in high school!

Unknown said...

Sorry Melanie that was me Becky. I couldnt figure our how to make and identity

Paul said...

Aw! So happy for Parker! It is really fun to have two boys so close in age. And it's a lot of crazy too. You can do it! Otherwise the Lord wouldn't have set things this way.
I know what you mean about wanting another girl, especially when you've already had one of each. They're so different.

Karen said...

First of all, those pictures were so fun to look at. I love all of the extended McGee clan!! Reading about your boy news took me back to the ultrasound I had with Austin when they told me at the beginning that it was a girl so I spent the next 15 minutes of the ultrasound planning her entire life (complete with hand-me-downs from Kristi because she was born at the same time of year - what a practical bonus!). At the very end of the ultrasound, the tech said, "wait . . ." and sprung the news that my girl was a boy. It was so weird and surprisingly disapointing! It took me a couple days to make the adjustment. Soon Awesome Austin was born and what a blessing he has been. Your new little rough-houser will be the perfect fit for your family and for your heart. Leah, on the other hand, might stay mad for awhile, haha. Love you!