Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Remember that time I almost chopped off the tip of my finger? I do.

The Young Women Presidency had a retreat up at a cabin in Kamas. It's a working cabin, so in order to stay there you have to chop wood (among a few other small chores) to earn your keep. I had never chopped wood before. One of the other women taught me how, and I was really getting the hang of it. I was making some smaller kindling pieces with a smaller ax when I chopped the tip of my glove clean off. Allison (the aforementioned wood chopping teacher) looked at me with a blanched face and said, "Did you just cut off the tip of your finger?" I held it up and showed her that I hadn't. Luckily the gloves I'd been wearing were too big for me, since they were Matt's. We all calmed our heart rates a little and headed back inside.

After coming home, I related the story to Matt. He didn't think too much of it until about two days later, when he was cleaning his car of coming home from work and didn't have his favorite gloves. He sent me a text saying, "I was so annoyed that I didn't have my gloves. Then I remembered that because of those gloves you still have a finger. I love you."

It was sweet. And a good reminder that things don't matter, people do.

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