Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Should Post Date This, V. IV "My Best Friend's Wedding"

I have never had gobs of friends. I choose them very carefully. Throughout my school years I had a handful, or two, of very close friends. This hasn't changed in my adult years. Still I have a select group of women, outside of my family, that I know I can turn to. They accept me without judgement and with loyalty and honesty. They don't all know each other, but they have all played significant parts in my life.

Because of this I know that only once in a while someone comes along in to your life and, instantly, you are apart of each other. You share everything with each other: laughter, play time, tears, children, stories, homes, nail polish, food, goals, weight loss, weight gain, moments both significant and insignificant, time, support, ideas- really the list could go on. Though, in short, you share life.

My friend, Shona, is one such individual. Recently, she was sealed in the temple to a wonderful man. Matt and I were lucky enough to take part in their celebration.

Allison, Holly, Janna, Katrina, Melanie
Melanie and Shona. At the luncheon in the Rose Room at Thanksgiving Point.

Melanie, Shona, Allison
"So call me MABEY!"

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mel,
I agree with you, sometimes someone comes along in your life that you know Heavenly Father is aware of your needs, hopes, and fears. I am who I am today because of the influence of you. Love you. xoxo Shona Mabey