Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Should Post Date This, V. III "A Bit of July"

My birthday included a day at the splash pad in Cottonwood Heights, lunch at Woody's (a favorite growing up), and lots of family (Nicole + kids, Ty and Katy + kids, and Lisa + kids). Later Matt and some friends, who happened to be stopping by at just the right moment, sang to me and I opened my birthday presents, among them: "Wicked' tickets!

Each year for Independence Day our neighborhood splits up houses and has a neighborhood breakfast. Each circle sets up tables and chairs, everyone brings a breakfast dish, and everyone eats and has a good time. We love it! Since the West Jordan parade runs right in front of our neighborhood, we often get great seats for the parade right after the breakfast. This year we went with our good friends, the Hancocks. Matt and Spencer were there, but not appearing in any pictures. That afternoon we had lunch with some of Matt's brothers (Jason, Brian, and David's families) and went to see the movie "Brave". Later that night, the end of our street gathered and we all set our fireworks off together. It's great, because of our location we can do our fireworks and watch the West Jordan firework show at the same time.

Can't beat playing in a good puddle.
On July 11, Matt took Leah first swimming and then with him to get his
 hair cut. They beat Parker and myself home from running some other errands. Upon on our arrival I was met with this more toothless grin. The story goes that as Matt and Leah were leaving the hair place, Leah showed him her tooth that had just fallen out. When he asked her if it had happened while he had been getting his hair cut, she confirmed it. He then questioned, "Why didn't you tell me?" Leah's reply: "You were talking, I didn't want to interrupt." The next morning Leah woke to a genuine Tooth Fairy dollar bill. She knows it's genuine because it had fairy dust all over it.

More splash pad fun at the Rosecrest Park in Herriman. This is where Parker slipped on cement and grew a huge goose egg on the back of his head.

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