Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Should Post Date This, V. V "The Rest of July"

This year I took the kids to the Days of '47 Float Preview. It's a free event over two days and it did not disappoint. This float was from my sister's stake. Her kids walked in the the youth parade with it.

A personal favorite, for obvious reasons.
At the float preview they had a couple of balloon artists. Parker had a fishing rod with a fish on the end and Leah requested a butterfly.

We DEFINITELY had Olympic Fever this year.

One of the floats had three or four teenagers dressed as fairies. Leah really wanted a photo taken with one, but I told her she had to ask the fairy. The brave girl did it!

This evening will be one of my favorite memories of the summer. We had a evening in July when it just poured rain. One of my favorite things in the world is rain, and warm summer rain just can't be beat. The kids and I played in the rain for about thirty minutes or so and were drenched!

The roof runoff. Don't worry, Matt has since cleaned out the gutters.

I got a some of the other moms from my ward together and we went to another splash pad in Riverton. Here is Leah with her friend Miriam.

TOP (left to right): Lilly Hatch, Sammy Zabriskie, Leah Quinney, Maddie Zabriskie, Melody Hansen, Cricket Saleh, Lexi Zabriskie    BOTTOM (left to right): Afton Saleh, Tommy Hansen, Maddie Hansen, Parker Quinney, Bracken, Miranda Hansen, Miriam Hatch, Lucy Hatch

Leah is big enough to give Parker piggy back rides.

This is why we love this room. Those three steps provide hours of entertainment.

Leah's reaction to hearing the song "Share it Maybe" by Cookie Monster (a spoof of Carly Rae Jeppson's "Call Me Maybe". Leah is really into music right now. She's especially fond of One Direction. But then again, so am I.

One of our Summer To Do's was to make a fort.

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