Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Is Me - Challenge #7

What numbers best represent you?

0- broken bones
1- house I've owned (ish, if you can really call a 30 year mortgage owning)
2- kids
3- apartments Matt and I lived in (Brookside in Holladay, Cedar Breaks in Taylorsville, Fairbrook in Holladay)
4- times I clean up toys every days (clean up time is before lunch, once in the afternoon after naps, before dinner, before kid's bedtime/after they go to bed depending on my mood)
5- times I've had stitches (back of head, forehead, left cheek, right knee, right ring finger)
6- speeding tickets I received in a 12 month period
7- years I've been married
8- times I've read the entire Harry Potter series
9- fish I've owned
10- cavities I've had


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