Friday, March 2, 2012

Heard in our Home

"Tulocket" = chocolate
"What the cow?" A combo of, 'What the heck,' and 'Holy cow.'
"Oshzan" = orange
"Thankyouwelcome" Said all together if he's especially thankful for something
"Oopsie-lancy" Leah has come up with different scenarios to use a spin off of the term 'oopsie daisy'. For instance if she's at Isaac's house and makes a mistake she says, "Oopsie Sophia'. If she's with Miriam, she'll say, "Oopsie erasie." You get the picture. When she's at home the term is, "Oopsie Delancy." This is Parker's version it.
"Mom!" He'll put his hand in front of his mouth, as if he's cupping it to shout.
"Booby trap"
"Dang. Dang it!"
"Mom, P for Parker."

* Leah's dance teacher, due to some really unfortunate family illness, has been absent from her class for the past four weeks. Recently she said, "If Miss Becky isn't there next week and I have another new teacher I'm going to 'x' out of dance."

* We are in constant battle with manners around here (I'm sure most parents are, I don't think it's a one that ever ends), one night Leah interrupted a conversation Matt and I were having. Matt said, "Leah, was it an emergency that you interrupted us for or did you just impose your conversation because that's what you wanted at that moment?" (or something like that). Her response, "Um... the last one?"

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Sarah said...

Cute! I love his word for chocolate. Oh and the fact that he says booby trap! Awesome.