Saturday, February 11, 2012

This is Me - Challenge #6

If you could write a letter and send it to yourself when you were younger, what would you say? 

Dear 21 Year Old Melanie, 

Life has been good to you, it will continue to be good for you, and it is good right now. 

Right now, you have an infant. Your first. She is wonderful, she is beautiful, and she has changed your world. But boy, does she cry a lot. I'm going to give you some advice that Tracy gave me when you had your second (this advice would have come in very handy with Leah), "Don't think ahead. Only deal with what is going on right now. Don't try to plan dinner, don't even try to plan through naptime. Sometimes you can only look five minutes ahead." Think it, live it, breathe it. 

Matt is working and going to school. He's gone a lot, but it is all worth it in about 2 years when he graduates. You'll go from crazy homework every night, to wondering what people do with their lives without it. Ad great as he is right now, Matt only gets better with time. Just wait and see.

You've got a busy calling in primary being the chorister; it just gets busier from here- there's no break on that front. Just learn from the people around you now so that you can apply it all later.Don't worry, you're next calling won't be as the primary chorister.

Please commit yourself to the gospel and your family. Those are the two most important things in your life. The gospel is constant, and your testimony will grow only when you put forth some effort. You may not realize this right now, but you are struggling spiritually. Right now you go to church weekly, but it's all kind of hollow- I think you know that on some level. You're teaching the children of the church the most basic gospel principals. Listen to the Spirit as it tries to remind you of what you know. Learn now, so that you'll be able to teach your children. Learn now, so that you'll be prepared for future callings. Learn now, so you can find some peace now.

There's more to say, definitely more.  But you learn better when you figure things out on your own. It's why you've made a lot of mistakes, and it's why you're better for it.


     From, 27 Year Old Melanie

*Guess what? Leah won't stay colicky forever. It only lasts a few months and then it's over. It's a miserable four months, but she is such a sweet child after that, this will be just a blip on the radar. 

*And also, don't forget that music is a big part of who you are. Listen to good music and it will help you remember that the person you are now, still loves the things you used to love. 

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Sarah said...

What are these numbered challenges that you're doing? They're fun to read. I loved this post, and could definitely relate! It's amazing what a few years of mothering and growing up can do for a person, huh?