Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This is Me - Challenge #5

Think of something about yourself for each letter of the alphabet (people, food, activities, possessions, places, etc.)

A:   Addicted.- not in an unhealthy way. But I've noticed that I can really latch on to certain things, habits, food items...
B:  Brisk- I walk fast. I figure if you're going somewhere you may as well get their quickly.
C:  Choir
D:  Disney World- my favorite vacation ever!
E:  Elephants- the baby variety especially. Although I have a new appreciation for the rough beauty of the adults since watching Water for Elephants.
F:  Food- it isn't really a big secret that I love it.
G:  Goblin Valley- another vacation favorite. Went with my family when I was younger and a few times since with Matt and friends.
H:  Hate eggplant and pomegranate.
I:  Ice cream!
J:  Jumping jacks- I remember doing them in the front room of my parent's first house, I would try to make the floor shake.
K:  Kids- I love my kids! They are everything to me and have molded me in to a (mostly) better version of myself.
L:  Lilies- my favorite variety of flower.
M:  Mom- Isn't it rotten that you recognize how truly incredible your parents are only when you become one? Although it's a challenge, I do love being a mom. I love nurturing my children and watching them grow. I love being proud of them, even for the smallest things.
N:  No- I know how to say no. I don't say it all the time, but I learned a long time ago that there is no point in saying yes to something that you really have no time or energy for. Other people can do things. When my plate is full, it's full.
O:  Organized
P:  Practical, Pintrest, Persistent, Pigs (I'm totally drawn to how disproportionate they are)
Q: Quinney- Matt is pretty awesome and a big part of who I am.
R:  Reliable
S:  Swimming- I'll do it in a pool, but I'm terrified of open water.
T:  Twilight series- I'll admit it, I love the books and have read the series multiple times.
U:  Uggs- I totally want a pair but refuse to pay that much money for a pair of shoes.
V:  Voice- I love listening to voices, whether it be singing or talking. I enjoy listening to the tone and timbre and how often it's indicative of who that person is.
W:  Western Europe- I would really love to visit it someday.
X:  Xerox- it's a brand people; just like Kleenx, Levi's, and Ked's
Y:  Youth- I've been serving in a church calling with the youth of the church since Oct. 2008. I love what the youth do for me. They make me feel young and energetic. They make me want to serve them better because they are so fantastic. They make me parent better. They make me better.
Z:  Zebras- white on black or black on white?

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