Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Personal Progress Website

Some of you may know that the church has been working on making a personal progress website. I just checked today and the website is LIVE!

I'm so excited! This website will enable girls to track their goals online, journal online and then send a notification to a leader or parent to sign off completed goals... ONLINE!


Karey said...

Sweet! Thanks so much for blogging this, because it would have probably been ages till I figured it out myself!
What's your YW calling?

Tracy said...

It's SO great. And a little secret--(but not really) at the last general auxiliary training we went to, Sister Dalton told us she was "feeling the stirrings" of the YW getting a new curriculum and saying goodbye to the outdated manuals! So...keep your eyes out for that one. She eluded to next year... :)

merathon said...

wow-- my girls are gonna have it so easy! great idea, huh?

tracy-- really, a new curriculum? when i was teaching in YW, i LONGED for a more updated manual! there were definitely some...shall we say..."strange" lessons?

The Kari said...

Thanks Melanie! That's great to know! My YW will be so excited! Oh man I would love to have a new manual!