Saturday, September 11, 2010


kin·dred –noun

1. a person's relatives collectively; kinfolk; kin.
2. a group of persons related to another; family, tribe, or race.
3. relationship by birth or descent, or sometimes by marriage; kinship.
4. natural relationship; affinity.
 It's the last definition that I warm to. Leah and Parker have such an affinity towards each other. From the moment they met those two have just gravitated towards one another. Parker has always been a little calmed by her presence and Leah, who has always been a Tender Heart, just cannot get enough of him.

This picture was one of my most perfect days. Both kids happy and playing. It was the first time it had happened and I was just sitting there reading a book. The day was wonderfully sunny and that room was just so cozy right at that moment.

I recall hearing one of my sisters saying that there isn't anything quite like seeing your kids play together. I couldn't agree more. I can think of few things that make my heart more full than watching a kinship form between these two. 


The Dahle Family said...

I absolutely agree, Melanie! When I have those blissful moments of watching my kids just genuinely love playing together and being together, I just feel so blessed and grateful to have TWO kids on this earth to enjoy!

The Lambert Family said...

LOVE that last pic of them together! So sweet!

Katy said...

So adorable... Yes, I love when my girls love each other... and it is even more genuine and going both ways recently... this was a good reminder to me. ThankS

Amber said...

Your kids are too darn cute! I can't get over Parkers giant cheeks!

Snell Family said...

It really is the best thing to watch siblings interact. They have such a special bond. Cute pictures, especially the last one I love Parker's big smile.

Tracy said...

I LOVE this. Those moments when everything seems perfectly aligned, except not at all planned, are so meaningful. I love your description that Parker is 'calmed by her presence'. How perfect for Leah who has always been so nurturing. Such a lucky mom. And if you think two is've just GOT to try three. Someday. :)

Marc and Miriam Deru said...

I love these pictures! Leah looks so proud to be his big sister, and Parker looks so happy to be her little brother. It makes me happy, too! Thanks for sharing the sweetness.

mallorymallorah said...

This post made me smile :)
Such sweet pictures too. You have such a cute family Mel!

Katy said...

Awesome pictures!!! do you have any more of the ZOO??