Tuesday, January 13, 2009

She Does Listen

Today, Leah came and showed me her dog (the stuffed one that she's named Clifford. No, he's not big or red) and proceeded to say, "He's pretty shy, but that's okay." All the while patting his back and comforting him.

This is word for word what we tell people when they want to talk to Leah and she's busy burying her head in my legs or shoulder.


Tracy said...

There are too many funny and endearing thoughts in my head right now. Leah, Clifford the tiny pink bear, the fact that she named the tiny bear Clifford, the fact that Clifford has feelings Leah can sympathize with...precious is my only word. Plus I'm laughing.

P.S. Can I have those pictures from New Years breakfast?

Tracy said...

I just looked at this again and put two and two together. Clifford is not a tiny pink bear. Still funny though. :)

Shawna said...

Super cute, it just takes her a moment to warm up, and then she shows her darling personality. Her and Logan were so funny the last time we were out there.

P.S. Love the Utah colors;)