Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just a little something to get me through

As some of you know, I've recently started a new job. It's really flexible and allows me to stay home with Leah. We're not going to get rich off of it, but it will be nice to have a little disposable income in our back pockets again.

I started the job on the 5th of January and have been in pretty much full swing since then. Unfortunately, I'm noticing a lot of other things are falling off the "Stay on top of" list. The house isn't clean enough, the basement storage has recently gotten out of control, and I can't find time to think about what to blog. I don't blame this just on the job. I blame not being able to take down the Christmas decorations until January 18 just on the job.

Does anyone notice that there are tons of postings between Halloween and New Years Day, but everyone seems to drop off the face of the earth from January until Easter? Nothing exciting happens, unless you count President's Day (which will be totally lame this year because Matt doesn't even get the day off - what's the point of Banker Holidays if your own personal banker doesn't get the day off?).

This is my rallying call to all my fellow bloggers. PLEASE POST! I know, that includes me. I need to know what everyone else is doing to keep their families entertained during this mundane time of year. I need new recipes and I definitely need a new wardrobe, but I only expect one of those things to be helped by you guys (please send donations for Melanie's Wardrobe to PO Box ...).

To get things going, Leah and I took a walk today. Yes, it was cold, and yes it was slightly windy, and YES we both came back with frostbitten toes and noses, but was it worth it? Well, sort of. It was great to get out and breath some air that hadn't been circulating in the house for two months already, but maybe not the best idea for 27 degree weather. Although, two cups of hot chocolate (warm for Leah) with lots of marshmallows later, we were fine again.

Leah has really been into anything fancy lately. We play dress-up most days now. She definitely has her favorite pieces to wear, such as the above pink sequined shirt and her feathery heels. Mostly I appreciate the nostalgia it brings.


Marci said...

I was starting to wonder if you had lost your faith in the blogosphere! It's funny you asked for new recipes, because I was contemplating putting a great lasagna recipe on my blog tonight. So when you visit my blog next you will know, this post for you! What's the job? That's great you get to stay at home, it doesn't take much to distract me from the "stay on top of it list" so go ahead blame the job.

Amber said...

I've abondoned all cooking and cleaning and everything on my list too. Poor Chris has had to take care of everything so don't feel bad. I love the dress up pictures of Leah! Either I haven't seen her in a while or she is just growing up, but she's getting bigger and cuter!

Tanah said...

You're right, we do fall off the globe between holidays. Unfortunately for me, nothing is new :)

What is this job you're doing? Are you enjoying it?

Sarah said...

What a gorgeous picture of you two!
I know, I have had the same problem, trying to find anything to blog about. So what's this job you're doing now?

Lindsay Quinney said...

I love that picture of you and Leah together. So i was talking to my mom about your job and she thinks she might be interested in it too. So you might be getting an email from me sometime soon.

Katy said...

Glad others feel like me. I feel like Jan is just sort of an endure month. It has always been hard for me. I can't hardly think of things to blog about. Leah is darling, as always.
We miss you guys,

Mirien said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I'm great at writing blog posts in my head while I'm driving or in the shower, but most of them never make it onto the computer. I blame my children...all 6 of them.

Brett, Kelly, Cohen and Kembry said...

Leah is so beautiful!