Monday, January 12, 2009

Previously on 24

How awesome were the first 5 minutes of 24 last night? Father/daughter arguments about cells phones, cars being rammed into multiple times, and to top it all off that husky tone of Tony Almeida's making it's first entrance into the 24 story line in 4 seasons. Sure, wear the mask Tony, but I knew it was you.

Here are some of the highlights of last night's episode for me.

I believe Jack is saying something like, "Well it's a good thing I'm not here for a job interview, because I don't care what you think." He hasn't even met the guy before and doesn't even know why he's in FBI custody. And yet, the sarcasm leaks from his mouth as if we didn't miss an entire year of 24 due to a ridiculous writer's strike.

Yeah buddy. Jack with a gun. This can only mean one thing: start the kill count. Unfortunately Jack's kill count is rather low after the first two hours of the show. ZERO! In 24 Redemption he had a kill count somewhere around 14 just in 15 minutes or so.

These two characters crack me up. I still don't know their names but with lines such as: THE GIRL: "I'm a cheerful positive person." and THE GUY: "You're cheerful?" what's not to like? Truly, I feel like we have another Jamie (ala Season 1) on our hands with one of these two.

As far as a candidate for female president goes, this one is pretty good. But tell me, what inspires a casting director to say, "Ah yes the role of the President of the United States of America should be played by Cherry Jones." Cherry? That's just a stupid name if you ask me. Something tells me her parents didn't have political aspirations for her. And her hair didn't look that good in the show, it was sort of gross.

Ah, what to say about Larry Moss. He's with the FBI and I don't know if that means he HAS to have a stick up his bum, but he certainly does. Matt and I are having a hard time deciding if he currently is in a relationship with Agent Walker or if she snubbed him a while back. But he definitely has a thing for her. And as we know she and Jack will end up together somehow, so Larry Moss is definitely hating on Jack.

And last but not least, TONY AND JACK back together again! I'm really having a hard time with Tony the Bad Guy. I think Tony the Bad Guy is a facade and is really Tony the Good Guy but we won't find that out until about mid season. Sure Tony may have been a little depressed that he lost his wife (Michelle) to a bomb and his previous love interest (Nina Meyers) ended up being a soulless wench, but mark my words Tony the Bad Guy is not for real.

And yet beneath it all, this is the guy that I really wish would return. But alas, poor "Egar," died a horrible death right before our telivised eyes. I am sure he's gone. Farewell my stout speech impaired friend, farewell.


Carl and Steph said...

Still haven't seen the new episodes. Thanks for the run down. I too miss egar. "horrible death right before our telivised eyes" that's hillarious....

Lindsay Quinney said...

I sure hope i can get into this season of 24. I didn't the last season. Both David and my sister Emily are just waiting for the return on Nina. Like people say no one is ever really dead on 24. Which is why Tony is back.