Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Progression and Digression

I'm still leaving up these pictures as motivation for us to finish. I refuse to blog about anything else until the painting is DONE (at least in these two rooms)! We've made some progress; you'll notice I took the picture of the ugly light fixture down. We replace that just last night, woo hoo. It's definitely a victory. I also refuse to post a picture of the beautiful fixture until the paint job is done. I know, you're all DYING to see it. And we've also painted one of the walls.

Although, now that we have the light done and I can mark off one thing on the list, our main upstairs bathroom is in complete disarray. The shower up there wasn't terribly functional. I made it work for Leah but it won't work for adults who want to be immersed completely while showering. I thought it would be a quick fix, but after some ripping out of walls I was proven wrong. The project is mostly done, Matt just has to finish it up. You can see why I'm wary of this, as we've been in the house for 2 1/2 months and have yet to finish our painting project. MATT PLEASE FINISH THE BATHROOM, if not for my sake then for Tyler and Katy's.


Nicole said...

I do know how to paint if you need help. I wouldn't be much help in the bathroom though.

Katy said...

Don't stress on our account. I'm sure that I've showered in worse at some point. - Tyler (BTW this is my first comment on a blog ever I think and I'm too lazy to sign in under my own name.)

Amber said...

WooHoo! Congrats on the light fixture! It's nice to accomplish a project on your house, even the little ones!