Friday, December 12, 2008

Wish Me Luck!

I really do have things to blog about and it's sort of killing me to not post some of the adorable pictures I've taken of Leah lately. But the motivation factor is still in play, and it's working! Since the last post about the new light fixture (which I refuse to put a picture up of until the painting is done) I've painted 4-ish walls - only 3-ish left!

I've decided to make a list of things I need to have DONE DONE DONE by December 22. It probably would be a bad idea if Matt looked at this too.

Paint Downstairs:
Family Room (check)
Fireplace Room - I still hate the name by the way - (check)
Hallway (check)
Living Room *North Wall (check), East Wall NOT CHECK, West Wall NOT CHECK
Dining Room *South Wall (check), East Wall NOT CHECK, West Wall (check)
Upstairs Bathroom:
Finish putting the shower back together NOT CHECK (trust me Tyler, you'll want this done)
Main Entry:
Replace light fixture (check)
Living Room:
Install blinds (check - thanks David)
2nd Bedroom:
Install blinds (check - thanks David)
Paint - I'm not sure if it can get done by the 22nd but we'll see -
3rd Bedroom:
Install blinds (check - Tyler, you'll also thank me for this)

*Hopefully I'll be able to convince Tracy to come over and help me hang some things on the walls before this deadline as well. Tracy: no pressure, but you do bring new meaning to the word AWESOME*

Uh oh, I just looked at the calendar... December 22 is just over a week away. I better get moving.


Carl and Steph said...

Go go go!! you can do it!

Lindsay Quinney said...

That is not TOO much to do. You can get it done.

Nicole said...

You can do it!!!! Mel, you have enough motivation. I still think you could call the fireplace room a den. It is not a closed off room but I don't think that matters.

Adrian said...

Fireplace room? So if it's not the living or family room is it really a den, study, sitting room, drawing room, den of iniquity... you know the normal.