Friday, November 14, 2008

Uh hem

Oh yeah, we did Halloween too. It's pretty silly that I'm posting these pictures this late. Oh well. Halloween was great this year. Leah was so excited to be a giraffe and the weather was PERFECT!

During the day we went to my niece and nephew's school parade. Maddie was a cavewoman (looking good with a bone through her hair) and Brayden was an old man (in interpretation of his 20-30 something year old teacher). They were great costumes.

After the parade Giraffe (Leah) and I went with my sisters and their kids to Gardener Village. Bumble Bee the Transformer (Connor), Diego (Fisher), Baby Jaguar (Logan), The beautiful Princess (Mckenzie), Dragon (Tucker), and Giraffe (Leah) all had a great time wandering around looking at the witches on display.

After our foray out into witches land we landed at Noodles and Co. where we proceeded to annoy just about every patron there. After all 6 hungry children (5 of those un-napped) can be a lot to handle.

The evening was fun too. Matt, Giraffe and I headed over to Matt's brother's house for dinner and Trick-Or-Treating. Giraffe really enjoyed Trick-Or-Treating this year and even walked to most of the houses. Her legs couldn't quite keep up with the more energetic 9 year old and 3 year old that were RUNNING to all the houses, but she still loved it.


Tracy said...

I LOVE the tail-end picture of Giraffe. :)

Katy said...

She is by far the cutest girafee I have ever seen. ALthough my nieces gave Steve the idea that he should be a girafee next year since he is so tall.. so if he is.. then I would have to say that he is the cutest, but thats cause I have to :)

Amber said...

Thats the cutest Giraffe bum I've ever seen! I love it!