Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pop Quiz

What do these four things have in common?

(cue Jeopardy Final Answer music)

Hint - use you two of the products to get another of the products (and ensuing smell) out of the remaining product....

Give Up? Ask Leah what she had before bed last night (too many M&M's) and then throw the remains on a perfectly white and beautiful canopy (that Leah will not sleep without surrounding her) and you'll find the need for the soap and baking soda at the end.

Question - How do you safely and gently remove chocolate - uhem - leftovers from a white canopy?
Answer - Soft soap and baking soda mixture!

1 comment:

Lindsay Quinney said...

I never would have even thought to use those two things to get chocolate out of anything!! Bummer that it happened but great that you got it out!!