Monday, November 10, 2008


"Saturday is a special day it's the day we get ready for Sunday. We wash our hair and we brush our teeth, so we can be ready for Sunday."

I don't really remember if those are the exact lyrics but that's what I seem to be remembering. I'm also thinking there was something in there about cleaning your room. Bottom line: none of this happened for our Saturday. It was crazy busy! However we only accomplished two things. The final home game of the BYU football season was played as was the CBAC Tournament.

The home games ended on a good note with a good win against a terrible team. It was a beautiful day, and though I expected to freeze the entire game it was actually quite nice with only a pullover and gloves on. "It's a beautiful day in this STADIUM,
A beautiful day for a COUGAR FAN.

Now it's time to gear up for two more games against Air Force and The U.

CBAC (Conference Basketball Association Championship, for those of you unaware) is a bi-annual basketball tournament that Matt plays in with some friends. He's been playing with these guys for a really long time. I believe this was the 14th tournament... and at two a year, that's 7 years! Holy cow! It was a night full of ups and downs and ultimately Matt's team did not win the championship (not even close really). It was a fun night anyway.


Lindsay Quinney said...

I am very sad that was the last home game. I love BYU football season. I guess the season is not over yet though. Go Cougars!!!!

Carl and Steph said...

Oh, I can feel my blood pressure rising in angst over the BYU/Utah game. Will it be a good 365 (or so) days, or bad following the game??? Can some one just tell me when it is over?

Amber said...

To answer you question Steph--it wil be great for Ute fans and awful for BYU fans. This year is our year!

Quinney said...

Its never your year if you are a Ute fan. Bottom line: Utah always finds a way to let it go. Does Harline is still open or 4th and 18 jog any memories for Utah fans?