Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Something is Telling Me to Post Again

P.S. (At this point in the post it means PRE SCRIPT) Is it too early to say, "Way to go California and Arizona on passing Propositions 8 and 102!"

I was tagged twice. I'm only doing one of them though, and that's only because I have nothing better to post about (I'm sick of seeing my dirty hardwood floor from that last picture).

I've Been TAGGED!! "Where Were You?"

20 years ago: I was the ripe old age of 4... thanks to an awesome Kindergartner teacher, Mrs. Crookstein, I was cruising along the path of education.

10 years ago: I actually quite enjoyed being 14 years old, for the most part. I had an AWESOME group of friends in the 9th grade. I was also just figuring out that you don't HAVE to wear a t-shirt every day to be comfortable. Although it is still my preferred article of clothing. Oh, also my oldest brother got married when I was 14 and I was an aunt for the second time.

5 years ago: AGE 19. This was a big year for me. Depending on the month, this answer could be very different. I'll answer for this time exactly 5 years ago. I was going to school at SLCC and enjoying Sounding Joy (one of the institute choirs). I was had a really good friend that helped me learn a lot about myself. So this was a period of getting to know who I was.

3 years ago: Imagine lots of throwing up and back pain, yes I was pregnant.

1 year ago: 2007 marked the year of pretending that we could afford a house when we really couldn't. I was managing our apartment complex at this point and HATING IT! Matt and I kept going back and forth between looking for a house and not looking for a house, depending on how bad a day I was having. This year also brought a new car!

This year: 2008 has been pretty sweet. More nieces and nephews, Matt's graduation, a new job for him as well, a new house and (consequently) I got to quit managing!

Yesterday: I VOTED!

Today: Well, it's only 9:30 AM, so today hasn't really happened yet. But Matt has the day off, as he worked last Saturday, and it's snowing. I'm hoping to convince him of some good outside activities... after we shovel and go to the library. I also have YW tonight. We're going to the Conference Center to hear Elder Holland (I believe?) speak, should be pretty awesome.

Next year: Next year isn't too far away. I don't know what it will bring and I don't have anything planned. I believe that we will be doing a McGee Family Reunion at some time though.

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