Friday, August 1, 2008

Surpsrise Surprise

Our first and foremost surprise: You know our daughter? The one that's terrified of pretty much everything? Well now she likes swimming, or as Leah refers to it: SMIMMIN'. She still doesn't like sprinklers and uncontrolled water (pretty much anything from a hose... or the shower sprayer), but we're taking baby steps. Hopefully one day this situation will improve and Matt and I will be able to take her to an ocean or something. As of right now I think the gentle waves would put Leah beside herself.

Here are some pictures from our most recent SMIMMIN' trip (oh and Leah calls her swimsuit SIPSUIT, I love it). Leah is really comfortable being in the water with just her floaties. Yea, no more clinging to Mom or Dad for dear life. I think it's hilarious to watch her try to kick her way to the other side of the pool. Cute little legs. It's also a little odd to see her in the deep end without any parent nearby, still watching of course but not necessarily nearby.

She likes paddling, but when Leah wants to go somewhere fast she just hitches a ride on Dad's back.

Do you see how deep that water is? 9 FEET, HOLY COW!

Even letting us put her on her back. It's really a red letter day.

Uhh, when am I going to learn that the camera is really close to my face while I'm recording. Sheesh, I'm loud, sorry.

And onto our second surprise. Leah and I decided to go to the The Aquarium yesterday. Leah and I were just enjoying the fish and all the counting opportunities when I hear, "Hi Melanie," in the sweetest little voice . It was my niece, Mckenzie (I think my favorite part was that Mckenzie recognized me outside of a family event, very heartwarming). How funny, Lisa and Jason had decided to take a fieldtrip that day as well and at naptime too, just like us! Luckily they let us tag along with them. I don't think Leah would have had nearly as much fun as she did had Mckenzie not been there.

Oh here's something else Leah is afraid of. No, not Mckenzie, but the cave. At the end of the exhibits they have these caves that little kids can go through. Leah wouldn't step near it. Not even with Mckenzie.

Leah will probably follow Mckenzie anywhere, except into the caves of course. These two took off and reached the middle of the exhibit before Jason caught them.


Tracy said...

Oh cute. She's good! Poor Fisher, has he EVER gone swimming? Huh, I really don't know. Maybe we should come over one of these days!

Snell Family said...

Leah's a good little swimmer. It's amazing how quick they can go from being terrified of the water to swimming on their own.

Joey and Kimbie said...

I'm gonna say the same as above, Leah is a really good swimmer. Kaiyenna use to be afraid of laying down in the tub, but one day she just did it!!! That not being afraid of water from the shower sprayer will come!! and soon!

Amber said...

I am so proud of my Little Leah! She is such a great swimmer, now if she could only tackle fireworks!

Sarah said...

SUCH cute pictures of Leah! I'm impressed that she's so confident in the water with those floaties on. I think that's a big step. Benjamin hates all sort of water that is out of control (like sprinklers) and I doubt he'd do very well with floaties on his arms. I'll have to try that soon though. I think he and Leah are pretty similar in their cautiousness.