Friday, August 1, 2008

Attention McGee Family (oooh a two poster day)

I just had to post this. This is what a saw when I walked into Leah's room today to get her up from nap. Yowza! Let's zoom in a little, shall we? (McGee's the big attention getter is at the very bottom of the post, oh quit crying it's a short entry)

Sad little pouty face, right? It's all a scam. She just wanted goldfish crackers.
HERE YOU GO MCGEE FAMILY: Does this remind anyone else of Little Megan or is it just me? I think in Megan's baby book there is a picture sort of similar to this. Crazy hair, big brown eyes.... am I remembering this at all correctly?


Amber said...

I always say this, but I love her crazy hair!

Tracy said...

I see what you're saying--it's a bit Megan-esque!