Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spiders and Bugs

So I'm not one to really squirm at the sight of bugs or spiders, but this just isn't okay.

As we all know, Leah spent the weekend at my parent's house with a lot of my family. After we came home my dad was telling me that one evening he and the three 2 year olds went on a walk together. All the girls held hands and it was so much fun.

Now I need to preface: Leah is usually pretty reserved about most things. Especially if it's a new activity, Leah prefers to hang back until she sees that other people have tried it out and it's okay to do. I don't know if she does this to determine safety or maybe she just wants to make sure she won't look like a fool participating in whatever is going on.

Back to the story: Dad was telling me that on this walk Leah was the first to find the bugs and just pick them up. I was pretty astonished, and sort of in disbelief. Not that my dad would lie to me, but really? My Cautious Little Leah, picking up bugs? Last time Leah saw a spider (it was out by the car) she screamed liked a banshee and literally ran for cover underneath the car. I'm not even kidding!

So, I didn't really believe it until yesterday morning when I heard Leah say, "Spider!" Oh she was so happy! I looked over just in time to see those cute little fingers reaching over to grab the thing. She really doesn't care about creepy crawlies anymore. Huh! When did that happen? Maybe she had a good talk with my little sister, Katie, who loves all things living. She cried if she ever saw a spider smooshed by a shoe in our house growing up. Once again, I'm not exaggerating. We love this about Katie, but I would like Leah to grow up knowing that another option to picking up a spider with your bare hands and taking it outside is to smoosh it with a shoe. Preferably a heavy bottomed one. Flip flops don't really cut it... maybe if it's a really small spider.


Joey & Kimbie said...

I played with spiders when I was little too... until my mom saw and said they were gross. I hate them now. Also A comment for your previous psot, Icalled my sister Tee-ta when I was slittle...close to see-sa. I can see that me and Leah have a lot in common.

Snell Family said...

And then there's Kaleb who is terrified of a fly! And the pictures are from Penney's.

Busty LaRue said...

I find that Mike's steel-toed work boots do quite nicely when it comes to killing spiders. Plus, I don't have to get my hand too close to the wall that they are climbing up!

Marshall hates ants. Go figure! But that is how it is. He freaks out when he sees them. I'm hoping he'll man-up eventually, and not scream hysterically anymore when he sees them! :)