Monday, July 7, 2008

It's All In The Details...

Happy Birthday to me!
Matt surprised me at home with lunch, a present, and flowers. The present was a game called WACKEE 6, it is so much fun. It was a great day and I spent it trying to get ready for the vacation we were about to take. After dinner Matt gave me another present: A STAND MIXER! I think he just wants me to make more cookies.

Happy Birthday Tyler and Emily!
Matt had made arrangements for Leah to stay with my parents and sister months ago. Little did he know that my brother and his family would be staying there as well. My parent's house was bursting at the seams with 12 people staying there, including three TWO year olds and one infant. Matt and I drove to St. George in the afternoon and finally arrived at about three or so.
We swam for the rest of the day and later that evening saw HANCOCK.

Happy Birthday America!
Matt and I spent the day in Las Vegas. We love Las Vegas.
(I think my cousin had her baby this day too, CONGRATULATIONS MIRIAM AND MARC!)

Matt and I spent all day shopping and swimming and just hanging around. We found some great deals at 'The Outlet Malls in Zion'. Later we went to see Les Miserable at Tuacahn. This was the highlight of my trip, after I got used to hearing Jean Val-Jean in a higher tenor range anyway.

Oh, time to drive home.
As glad as we were to be on vacation, we were really excited to come home. We found, upon arrival at my parent's house, that my sister Lisa made a really good substitute mom for Leah. Even today Leah is still asking for, 'See-sa'. Thanks Lis!
(Another cousin had her baby this day, CONGRATULATIONS KAREY AND MATT!)

Yes, it was a great vacation. Just enough time and now I'm ready to get back into
the swing of things. Leah is adjusting to being back at home. And Matt and I are
just glad we aren't tending to sunburns in 112 degree weather anymore.


Amber said...

What a great hubby to plan such a great trip, maybe he could talk to mine! It looks like you had fun and it's good that it was just the 2 of you (at least for a few days)!

Emily Rasi-Koskinen said...

Hey, You have such a cute template/background. I need some help, can you offer me any?

Marci said...

There is nothing better than a few days alone! And in Las Vegas, I love that place!