Friday, July 11, 2008

I Couldn't Help Myself

Please keep in mind as you read this post that this blog is as much of a journal as anything else.

Leah is at such a fun age right now. She's really developing her own personality and showing it off lately.

Matt and I used to teach Leah sign language. Not a lot, and probably not very well, but it was really effective for the purposes we needed it for. She learned probably a total of 15 signs including: milk, sorry, thank you, car, tree, more, etc. It was so exciting to see her learn and use these signs at the appropriate times. And such a lifesaver as well. One of Matt's favorite things to do before bedtime was to go through all her signs. He would say, "Show me... CAR." And she would show him the sign for car. "Show me... SLEEP." And she would show him the sign for sleep.

Lately we haven't been doing sign as much because she has been speaking so well. So it was quite the surprise to me yesterday, when Leah sat down next to me and said, "Mommy, show me... CAR." Of course, I had to show her the sign for car. We went through this a few times and went to our next favorite game. Naming the members of our family. "Mommy say FISHER... Mommy say Logan... Mommy say Maddie..." (as you can see we had recently babysat Fisher, Logan, and Maddie) and on and on until we had named each member of both families.

Onto the evenings events. Matt and I have been watching a show called "I SURVIVED A JAPANESE GAMESHOW." It's sort of stupid, but I have to admit, I do enjoy watching people make fools of themselves. Physical challenges that are supposed to go wrong are hilarious. Anyway, the contestants have been divided into two teams: Yellow Penguins and Green Monkeys. Anytime a Green Monkey or Yellow Penguin would speak they would show a picture of said animal along with the contestant's name. This happened A LOT! And every time an animal would come up Leah would make that animal's sound. All Matt and I could hear was, "Tweet Tweet, Tweet Tweet... Oo Oo Ah Ah..." throughout the show. It was so funny. And of course she continued to do it because Matt and I continued to laugh.


Joey & Kimbie said...

Thats really cute. Kaiyenna has been talking a lot more! It's so fun. Her aunt Cassi just taught her were her elbow is, at first she would call it elmo. I love it. Kids are so fun to watch as they grow and learn!

Carl and Steph said...

I am excited for Brady to start singing back. I am even more excited for him to start responding to the signs I am showing him. I wondered if Leah had lost her signs now that she is talking, and pondered if Brady would do the same. It's good to know that she still remembers them and trys to keep them in her life. If you haven't checked them out, the Signing Time DVDs are pretty good. I'm getting them from the library once a week before I splurge and buy the whole set.