Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Swimming Days 1-2

On Friday, Matt and I took Leah swimming with our friends Matt and April (along, of course, with their kids Kaleb and Ashton). After the fiasco that was 7 Peaks Water Park a few weeks ago, I felt Leah was ruined for life when it came to swimming. She eventually warmed up to it and let Matt throw her around and even dunk her in the water a few times. Baby steps, right?

This is Day Two of swimming. Leah's cousin, Braden turned 3 this last week and his parent's had a party for him on Saturday. We were hoping that with the exposure of water from the previous evening, Leah would take a little better to the water. No such luck. We had to warm her up to the pool idea first and Leah finally became comfortable with it when her cousin and friend showed her what a fun time they were having. Leah jumped on it and had a blast the rest of the afternoon.

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Joey & Kimbie said...

Mel, You make me laugh. I love the picture of Leahs chubby buns. Thats something I'd take a picture.