Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Change In Format

I'm trying something new, well a couple of things actually: 1st, not posting in ridiculously long posts when I haven't posted forever. I don't need 1 blog entry that lasts 16 paragraphs. 2nd, actually posting again. I realized just now that my last three (dare I say, even 4?!) blog entries were random stumblings from surfing the web... blech. So, here are some little posts from my real life.

This morning I did Leah's hair and it turned out like this! I love it! I don't know how I did it, or what I did differently, but I think the side-swept bang is so cute.

Okay, so this post isn't really earth shattering or important at all, but I'm at a loss right now for something more exciting to write about.


Amber said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her hair this way!

Michelle said...

I think that it is SUPER cute!!! I love it as well!! =) Excited to see you tomorrow!!! =)

Joey & Kimbie said...

Well at least you post. I have friends that let 3 and 4 months go by.
p.s. Leah's hair is very cute. You're lucky she lets you do it. I have to hold Kaiyenna down. I just don't want her to be "that kid: ya know what I'm sayin?