Monday, April 14, 2008

Today's Blog

Here is a summary of what's been happening at our household.

*I haven't been blogging recently because last week we had the opportunity to babysit my cute nephew Logan for a whole 6 days (including nights and everything in between). He's the youngest member of the McGee Clan at only 6 months old and he sure is adorable. So I got to be a mom of two for a while and it was a great experience. I now realize how challenging it is to run errands with an infant carrier and a 2 year old. I often found myself thinking, "Do I really need to get this done before Matt gets home?" I know all you moms with two or more kids out there are laughing at my inexperience. We really did have a good time though. I felt like Logan was a part of our family. Except blond. And he has the most adorable dimples. That kid smiles at you and you just can't help but smile back. How was Leah with all this? Glad you asked. She was great. Leah really wanted to be involved with feeding him, playing with him, and holding him. There were times I picked up a little bit of jealousy but Leah ended up being content sharing my lap with Logan. I nicknamed myself Mom-Free (like Pepsi-Free). I was good, but not as good as the original. On Friday, when we dropped Logan off he was so happy to be back in his house with his siblings and familiar settings. He was such a trooper.

**On April 11 our fish turned one month old. For those of you who have been holding your breath for us, our fish are still alive. I'm fairly certain this is nothing short of a miracle. Also, Matt gave his notice to Zion's Bank that he will be leaving their employ in two weeks. Matt started out as a teller for Zion's Bank soon after he returned from his mission. He's held numerous positions at branches spanning from Draper out to West Jordan and up to Downtown SLC, and a few more in between. To Zion's Bank: we thank you for your education and experience.

***Saturday Matt asked me if I thought he could pull of a buzz cut. I immediately and emphatically answered, "No." Call me crazy but I wasn't about to buzz his hair and find out that he had a lopsided head or something. Well, he continued the rest of the night mentioning the more positive points of buzzing his hair. Each point I didn't care to hear about and stayed resolute with my original judgment. Saturday night, I'd heard enough and said, "Fine, ask you brother to bring his clippers and we'll do it at your parents house tomorrow night." Sunday night we finished dinner played a few rounds of Pinochle and out came the clippers. Now Matt was getting a little gun shy. I guess he only wanted it when he knew that I would be the voice of reason to talk him off the ledge. I told him he should do it and buzz buzz went the clippers.

Oh and as far as the lopsided thing goes, his head turned out to be shaped quite nicely.


Amber said...

So when is the next Quinney coming along then? Horray for the fish, Matt's hair looks fine and does he have another job lined up?

Brett, Kelly, Cohen and Kembry said...

Nice hair Matt! And congratulations on double duty!