Thursday, April 3, 2008


I've been tagged. 7 THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT ME. I think 7 is a tall order because I think most people know most things about me. But I'll try:

1. I'm a published poet. Sort of. In fifth grade I wrote a poem entitled The Daisy. It was submitted by my fifth grade teacher and published in a magazine called... something... I don't remember, but it was an actual national magazine that was publishing elementary poems for that issue.

2. I was operated on when I was three years old for a Pediatric Melanoma in my cheek. Seriously, I still have the scar. I used to be totally self-conscious about it (up until a few years ago) but have since let it go. My freckles cover it up pretty well anyway.

3. I have Murphy's Toe. I know a lot of people have this, but I do too. For those of you who don't know what Murphy's Toe is, it is when the second toe is longer than the first. Oh, and my toes are long and skinny; my sister and I call them Cheeto Toes.

4. My favorite article of clothing is a polo style T-Shirt. These shirts are the most comfortable things to wear, in my opinion.

5. I pace whenever I talk on the phone. Now, most of my family can claim this trait as well. I think it is a law that our bodies CANNOT NOT pace while we are on the phone. In fact, I've heard that everyone in family who does this has a pattern to their pacing as well. Mine is around the dividing wall in our apartment. I think the best exercise I ever get is when I'm on the phone. It's literally a CONSTANT pacing.

6. I am fascinated by writing people's names. If there is a dull moment and a pen and paper around I am usually writing names. Anyone's name. Of course my family is my favorite to write; but I will end up with future children's names, friends, people that we're with at the time, celebrities, general authorities, etc. One time in my 8th grade Spanish class I wrote my entire extended families names. Including: aunts, uncles, cousins, and my cousins children. Any family out there knows what a daunting task that could have been for a 13 year old in 1997. I want to say the list was around 50 people long? I even had it broken down into families and listed by age.

7. I missed out on a trip to New York with my Madrigals choir my senior year. Well, we all missed out on it. Our chorister had us all lined up for this huge show and tour in New York (singing in St. James Cathedral, Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall, and other places). We had received the approval and raised all the money to fund the entire trip.

One of the big things we were doing was singing with a bunch of other school from all around the nation in quite a few performances. It was supposed to be a Christian program. When the 'powers that be' found out that we were a school from Utah they kicked us out because they thought we were all LDS and didn't think the LDS religion was Christian.

It was a huge disappointment for us that year. But Channel 2 (or was it 4) News found out about it and interviewed us all, well not me because I wasn't 18, and made it known that we were a public school with faiths of all kind in attendance. Of course, they still didn't let us in. Bummer.

***Now I tag Tracy P, Sarah C, Stephanie B, and Lisa M***


Snell Family said...

That stinks about your New York trip. But you do have the best handwriting and it must be from all the practice you get writing out people names.

Anonymous said...
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Snell Family said...

Fish sauce $1; noodles $1(used half); chilies $1; Oyster sauce $2; carrots and cilantro $2; shallots $3(I'll probably just use onions next time); pork $7 but I only used 2/3 of it; and then whatever toppings like lettuce and sprouts. I already had garlic, sugar, lime juice etc. So about $20 but the sauces and chilies you won't ever have to buy again so it will be cheaper next time I make it. And I use cilantro and carrots for other dishes too.

Paul & Sarah said...

4 things that no one knows about me? Please! My life is an open book.
Seriously though, that is rough about your senior trip. I would be furious. I wonder if Romney's campaign (and other current notable Mormons in the media) have changed people's perspective at all about Mormons as Christians, or if that would still happen today. Don't you love how people who know nothing about our faith can label it like they are authorities on the subject?

Fragmentadora de Papel said...
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The Cheese said...

I wish you would've let me know you were a blogger earlier! I LOVE reading new blogs! It's good to hear from you, and I'm happy to add another friend to my blog list. :)

Katy said...

I love your new background!

Amber said...

We didn't play Hand N Foot at my house or you would've been invited. We will play it at April's bday party though-if Chris is here. If Chris is not here we will have an odd number and I don't know if that works.