Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Switch

Thanks to a well placed comment I realized I left out some vital information on Matt's career change.

Matt is not leaving Zion's to be a stay at home dad, much to my dismay. As 'fun' as it would be to have him around ALL the time (we don't get along too well after too much time home together) his paychecks will now be signed by Utah First Credit Union. A credit union, you say? Yes! Matt has made the jump from banking to credit union-ing. After years and years of bank higher-ups preaching the evil doings that can only be brought on by credit unions, Matt has joined the Other Side.

On a lighter note, Matt accepted a position as a branch manager for UFCU and will start April 28. The timing is splendid as he will graduate from college May 2. It's really nice because now we feel like his graduation is not only getting him out of school but really moving on to something new. Up until this job his graduation was just an end to his escapades at the University of Utah (yes, he and I are still ashamed of the fact that his diploma will read red). He'd still have been at Zion's doing what he was doing before. Now we feel like he is graduating TO something. It's really very exciting.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Matt has dabbled in many things during his time at the bank. One of those positions was branch management. He moved on from that position after a year or so to try his hand at commercial lending, which is what he has been doing for the past 1 1/2 years in one way or another. A few months ago he realized that he really enjoyed managing and has been wanting to go back to it. This job sort of appeared out of nowhere. Matt's dad found a listing in the newspaper (who looks for a job in newspapers anymore? I thought that's why we had the internet) and emailed it to Matt one day. He submitted his resume and didn't think anything of it. A few weeks later he had a phone interview, one week after that another phone interview, a few days after that he met the HR guy face to face at the proposed branch and after a couple more interviews the rest is history. Utah First needs to place three managers: they are building two new branches (at The Quarry in Sandy and The District in Riverton) and have one existing branch in American Fork that they need to fill as well. So, while Matt is training and learning the Credit Union way of life they'll decide which branch will best fit him.

We've been very impressed with how they've handled everything in trying to get Matt over there. Matt and I are so excited to start this new part of our life and can't wait to see what will happen in the future. So congratulations, Matt!


Amber said...

Matt is a Utah Man (we always knew it was in you)! Congrats to you both and we wish Matt the best of luck at his new job.

Brett, Kelly, Cohen and Kembry said...

Awesome, congratulations guys!

Katy said...

I just had to get on and tell Leah HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We are trying to have our own little April 16th girl! I will let you know if we do.

Snell Family said...

Happy Birthday Leah!!

Amber said...

You've had a birthday shout horray, we want to sing to you today. One year older and wiser to too, happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday Leah!!!!

Carl and Steph said...

A Credit Union?!?! Booo! Hiss!!! Just kidding!! What ever brings the money in (and doesn't make you wanna rip your hair out, which will be hard for Matt to do at the moment) is what one needs to do. Congratulations and I really do hope that where ever you land it will be a good fit and opportunity to learn even more. Happy Birthday to Leah as well. Let the terrible twos begin.