Monday, March 31, 2008


1. Reality TV. I tried really hard not to get sucked into it but to no avail. But I'm a big enough person to admit it. Some of my favorite reality shows include but are not limited to: Real World/Road Rules The Challenge (I LOVE THIS SHOW!), America's Next Top Model, The Hills, American Idol, and So You Think You Can Dance. There really are more -lots more, but it would just be embarrassing to list ALL of them.

2. LDS Romance Novels. Okay this isn't a current guilty pleasure, but I used to LOVE these books. Anita Stansfield, Michelle Ashman Bell, Jenni Hansen, Jack Weyland. When I was a teenager a good LDS novel about some girl with cancer and some guy with family issues was second to none.

3. Ice cream. Cold Stone. Cake Batter. Raspberries. Gotta Have It size.

4. Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls right after Leah goes to bed.

5. Reading in bed. I used to do this all the time before I was married. I would wake up on Saturday morning and read for hours. I think I have done this twice since I've had a child; and I really shouldn't have.

6. Cookie Dough. Baked cookies are fine. But the quickest way to my heart is with a good batch of raw chocolate chip cookie dough.

7. Getting in the car and going. Yes, I know it's a waste of gas, but I love being alone. And I really love being in the car alone. Just driving and being alone is wonderful- especially if it's raining.

This post was supposed to have 10 guilty pleasures, but I could only think of seven.


Amber said...

I love Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls! My mom would make those on Saturday and Sunday mornings when we were growing up.

Tracy said...

Why is Leah so young on her counter? Mmm...sweet rolls. Good thing it's General Conference this weekend!!

Marci said...

Hi, Since 7 is apparently a good # for you I tagged you! Check out my blog.