Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Girl's Birthday

I love these progression collages. I haven't forgotten any of these faces, but it's astounding to see how much changes from year to year. Particularly noteworthy: how much smaller her cheeks are getting. I do miss those chubby chipmunk cheeks. Also for anyone annoyed with the rain/snow we are getting today, you can relax. I recall at least four birthdays of Leah's that has included snow. So it isn't unprecedented. I've just come to expect it.

I'm feeling particularly sentimental today. Only six weeks ago Parker turned three, in just four weeks we'll be anticipating the arrival of an infant, and today- today my oldest turns seven years old. It's strange to be pregnant while reminiscing the birth of another child.

But my dear Leah, my only girl, holds a special piece of my heart. Leah is smart, caring, nurturing, and sometimes pretty bossy. She's quiet and thoughtful, and likes to keep her true emotions to herself. Rarely will you catch her in a moment of unbridled excitement. She easily gives her friendship and loves to find new people to include in her play at school. About twice a month Leah will come home telling me that she met someone new and now they're friends, I don't know how there is anyone left in first grade that she hasn't met. This one loves (LOVES) to sing and is currently deciding whether she will continue dancing next year or playing soccer. Leah is also quite creative and comes to me with a new art project at least two or three times a week. Currently her favorite subject at school is math and while it isn't her best subject she enjoys the challenge.

I can't quite express how she makes me feel. She made me a parent- a mother. She turned my life upside down and right side up all at the same time. Everything I thought I wanted in life was turned on it's heels when she was born, and while it took me many years to come to happy terms with that, I'm happy about it now. And she is the reason it all started. 


Katy said...

Happy Birthday LeAH!
We love you so much.

Sarah said...

What a sweet post. Leah seems like a sweet girl! I wish we lived closer and that she and Benjamin could be friends. I bet they'd get along pretty well.

Marc and Miriam Deru said...

7 years old! What a beautiful girl, inside and out! I love the ways you've fixed her hair over the years, by the way-- it always looks cute.

Leah sure sounds like a delightful girl to have around. I'm sure she will be invaluable when the baby comes. May the final stretch of your pregnancy be as comfortable as possible, and may you get all the rest you desire!