Friday, March 22, 2013

For History's Sake

I'm 32 weeks along now. I figure it's probably time to get a little pregnancy history down, yes?

How Far Along: I am 32 weeks, one day along. Due May 16.
Size of Baby: The baby measures about 3 3/4 lbs. the weight of a jicama. And I love jicama, so that's awesome. One of my favorite things this pregnancy is Leah's weekly curiosity, "How big is the baby now?" 
Gender: Our baby is a boy, and I'm happy about it- until I go shopping. Then I get all nostalgic and miss dressing up a little girl.
Movement: This guy is a mover. Neither Matt nor I remember either of my pregancies being quite this active. Not that Leah and Parker were bumps on logs, but this baby is really shaking things up.
Sleep: Sleep, what is that? I'm pretty sure I have a certain level of pregnancy insomnia. The last couple of days have been okay, but most weeks I'll have three or four days when I'm up from three to five thirty in the morning. It's obnoxious. Matt is afraid to move the bed at all, in fear of waking me up for the next three hours. Poor guy.
What I Miss: I miss not contracting each time I stand up. I was just commenting to Matt the other day about how much more quickly my body is ready to get into baby mode than with my other pregnancies. With Leah I didn't notice a single false labor contraction. With Parker they started only about 1 week before his due date. This pregnancy is so different in that way. I've been contracting since about 29 weeks.
Cravings: I crave anything food related. Most often something cool and citrus-y, though. This week I've eaten nearly three bags of grapes. And I'm certainly not opposed to eating a bag of MegaStuf Oreos.
Symptoms: I'm actually feeling fairly well this pregnancy. As mentioned in a recent post I've started retaining water, but I'm okay with it because I've usually been retaining water since about 16 weeks or so. I have sciatic pain (although that's fairly chronic, even when I'm not pregnant) and round ligament pain. I've been getting some nasty Braxton Hicks, which are new to this pregnancy. I'm holding to the idea that this is an easy pregnancy though, some women go through so much more than these physical discomforts. Two of my sisters started getting some wacky pelvic pain in their third pregnancies that I was worried I would get as well, but haven't. Mentally, I'm doing so much better than I have with my other two pregnancies that everything seems easier to handle.
Weight Gain: I'm going to answer this, mainly because I don't care anymore. I've gained 35 lbs. With eight weeks left, that doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room.
Best Moment of the Week: Just this morning I decided to video some of this kids movements. I called Parker over and he put his little hand on my belly. When I watched the video back, there was something so sweet about that pudgy little hand on my pudgy belly. Also, Leah drew a picture of our family today. Complete with a picture in picture of a small body in a shadowy round thing that is meant to represent Baby.
Appointments this Week: My next prenatal appointment is Monday, it's the first of the bi-weekly appointments. This really weirds me out.
What I'm Looking Forward to: I can't wait to see my kids meet this baby.
This Week's Thoughts: I'm happy, I'm healthy, this pregnancy is healthy (despite what my dreams want me to believe), and my kids and husband are healthy. We've had a good week and I refuse to take any of that for granted.

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