Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Should Post Date This, V. VII "Cougar Kickoff"

The BYU Women's Soccer team was there as well. I sure love it when athlete's take the time out to talk to young kids.

Autographs from some of the football team.

See Parker's face? This is how a trip to Disneyland would be.

The Cougar Kickoff was this last Tuesday as well. It's the third year we've gone, and I like it more each time. Living in Salt Lake County we don't get to often be apart of the community feeling that is BYU. It's fun to go and see the players and participate in some of the activities. This year they had a couple of artists doing caricatures. We got one for each of the kids and I would display them on my blog, but first I'd have to scan them in. And I'm too lazy for that.

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