Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Parker's second birthday was this past Saturday. He's getting so big. I'm more nostalgic than sad about it though.

Parker is a fairly well spoken kid. He may not have the biggest vocabulary, although it isn't small by any means, but what he says is well enunciated and definite. Yesterday he had his two year well child checkup (yes he's still huge, just in case that was in question) and when the doctor asked where his ear was Parker replied, "Right there," pointing to his ear.

Parker is a busy kid, with little caution, unless your and approaching stranger. We've affectionately (if not out of exasperation) called him "Tank", "Bruiser", "Bulldozer" and "Terror"- for obvious reasons. However he's also earned the nickname "Snuggly"; when Parker slows down enough he almost always wants a good cuddle and a nice big hug.

Leah adores him and is constantly trying to get him to do new things. She's taught him how to do a somersault (something he's quite good at), whistle, snap, and I'm fairly certain his grasp of word coupling is due to her. Any time he can Parker grabs Leah around the waist and pulls her in for a hug where he usually ends up nestled into her side.

He also loves to throw snowballs, help me with the laundry, throw things in the garbage, read Junie B. Jones with Leah, watch and play football and basketball, talk on the phone, and play with any big kid around. Parker does not like feathers, or 'pedders'. He's pretty disgusted by them actually. I've seen him try to get over this by approaching a feather boa, crouching near it, and saying, "Hi pedders. Talk pedders." When you ask Parker who he is and how old he is, he says, "Parkah. Two!"

Basically, I love to squish his face and tickle his squirmy little body.

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Lindsay Quinney said...

Oh he is just so cute. He really has become such a great little talker.