Monday, July 11, 2011

Did I Forget?

Leah is sporting a new 'do'. I immediately loved it, Dad likes it but had to get used to it. And it only took a tiny bit of convincing to get Leah to consider a cut. In the past, our Adventures in Hair Cutting have involved a lot of screaming, crying, and A LOT of climbing. This time, we went to Cookie Cutters. Armed with cute chairs to sit in, a movie to watch, and the weight of being a good example for her brother, Leah marched in, sat down, and let the stylist cut away.

7 inches later, we have a cute little bob (I think) that really looks adorable.

I'm a believer in children's specialists. Stay tuned for Leah's next dentist appointment (September). We've decided to go with a pediatric dentist since our regular dentist suggested that, "our office isn't equipped to deal with her situation." No, they certainly weren't. I still have nightmares.

On a completely unrelated note: Matt and I are seeing HP7.2 (Harry Potter 7 Part II, for those out of The Loop) on Friday. I can't wait.


Amber said...

She is gorgeous with any length of hair, I'm so jealous! And have your picked your new dentist yet? If not I know a good one right by you!

Snell Family said...

Cute hair cut! It's hard to hate getting your hair cut at cookie cutters.

I LOVE going to a pediatric dentist. Dr. Ryan Johansen at Jordan Landing is awesome!

Marc and Miriam Deru said...

Her new 'do suits her perfectly! But now I'm curious-- what happened at her first dentist visit? I've got Anna scheduled for one at the end of this month and you're making me nervous!

Lindsay Quinney said...

I absolutely love her new do! So cute!!