Saturday, May 21, 2011

Perfect Weather

I'm searching for Spring. A few times I feel I've gotten a good look at it, but Spring continues to elude me and I continue to find myself swamped in a cold house surrounded by overgrown vegetation and children who are just as worn out of this on and off weather as I am.

I've been thinking about perfect weather lately. Perfect for me is a warm summer day, overcast, and rainy. There is nothing quite like warm rain. The feel, the energy, the smell (practically intoxicating). However, is it what I crave because I don't have it all the time? Probably. I might be singing a different tune if I lived in the northwest. I feel genuinely grateful to live in a climate that allows for four seasons (typically. Occasionally Spring and Autum get the shaft around here.). By the time summer comes to an end I nearly crave snow and vice versa. Realistically I understand that being cold is only cozy for so long, and realistically I understand that warmth is slightly overratted when you live in a multi level home with only a swamp cooler and your bedrooms are all on the top floor.

Perfect weather. I think it's more a state of mind. It's where I want to be at that moment. I have one catch all mood improver for myself, and that's a hit of warm rain. But I couldn't have Perfect Weather every day. I wouldn't appreciate it, I wouldn't crave it. I want to continue to anticipate it and to feel those perfectly joyous moments that only Perfect Weather can produce.

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The Lambert Family said...

I completely agree with your defination of a perfect day. I wish we got more days like that in Utah!