Saturday, May 14, 2011


Leah celebrated her fifth birthday on April 16. She has been begging for a real birthday party since the day after her fourth birthday. We decided on a FAIRY buggy theme. The boys were bugs and the girls were fairies. We played tons of games, the favorite being Fairy Freeze Tag, (the boys, who had fairy catching nets, got to catch the fairies and freeze them) followed by special cupcakes and lots of playing outside. I quickly learned that fairies and bugs ARE NOT inside creatures. I gladly let them free.

I've decided that although I love my children dearly, I won't be planning another birthday party to this extent ever again. Yes, I'm hanging up my ill-worn party planning hat. Because while I feel organized enough to pull an event like this off, I'm not wealthy enough for it, or mentally equipped to deal with seven sugared up children.

Parker, you're just going to have to enjoy much more scaled down birthdays.

Leah, we love you and you were well worth every ounce of sanity I lost during the planning and execution of your party.

*Interesting (to me) side note: This was the first very birthday Leah has celebrated that it hasn't snowed at some point or in some form. Although it did rain... but I can deal with that.


The Lambert Family said...

Is she really 5??? Gosh, time flies!

Sarah said...

Brave mom. Happy birthday, Leah!

Lindsay Quinney said...

I cannot believe she is already 5! Looks like she had a great time at the party even though it was a lot of work for mom.