Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Heard in our Home

During a night drive back to the homestead, we were stopped at a light on a hill. We saw both the Jordan River Temple (fairly close) and the Oquirrh Mountain Temple (further out).

Leah:  "Mom! I see the temple! Is that the Salt Lake Temple?" This was a favorite from my childhood. Anytime we were in the car we'd all shout out, "I see the temple!" As soon as we saw one.

Me: "No, that's the Jordan River Temple."

Dad:  "And I see another temple a little further away it's the Oquirrh Temple."

Leah:  "Do ogres go there?"


Nicole said...

I have had some challenging events on my way to the temple, it is possible that I could have been feeling a little like an ogre when I got there. Kids say the best things!

Marc and Miriam Deru said...

Hahaa! That's awesome.

Anna says, "Angel Amone-i."