Monday, May 24, 2010

Things I've Figured Out How To Do One-Handed

*  Sweep
*  Vacuum
*  Apply make-up
*  Mop
*  Brush Leah's teeth
*  Make dinner
*  Make lunch
*  Make any meal or snack, really
*  Now that I think about it, pretty much anything involving the kitchen.
*  Empty the garbage
*  Put in a new garbage can liner
*  Administer medication (actually this is really tricky when you take into consideration the applicator, a syringe of disgusting medicine into an upset and, of course, squirming baby.)
*  Clean out aforementioned syringe
*  Prepare a bottle
*  Leah's hair (I didn't say it looked good)
*  Cleaning EVERYTHING

I know there's more, but I've gotta end this post. I'm typing... one-handed.


Karen said...

Yep, that one-handed trick is something that gets relearned with every baby. It's amazing what you can accomplish that way, huh? Not to mention the muscles the baby-holding arm develops! What a cutie!!

Tracy said... bring back such vivid memories... You're one talented momma! Nice typing. :)

Mirien said...

That's what baby #2 does to you, huh? Way to go.

Amber said...

I can't tell you how many bottles I've one handed and how many times I went to the bathroom while holding a baby! Gotta love being a mommy!

Sarah said...

I'm impressed! I've already forgotten how to do some of those things one handed. I'm sure I'll have to relearn. I love that that picture of Parker! He's adorable.

Katy said...

You are amazing! I love this picture of him! What a cute little family you have!!