Saturday, February 13, 2010

What the Heck?


So I was wandering around the American Pregnancy Website and found this information quite interesting.

I've heard of pica cravings before, but that's all. I had no idea what they were. For those of you in the dark, such as I was, pica cravings are cravings that surround non-food items. Like when little kids, or pregnant women apparently, just want to eat dirt or rocks.

It's thought that these cravings may be the cause of low iron (which would explain why I DON'T have them- my iron levels are awesome) or an underlying mental or physical illness. Yikes!

The article outlines some 'common' (really there are common pica cravings?) pica cravings, such as: burnt matches, stones, charcoal, mothballs, ice, cornstarch, toothpaste, soap, sand, plaster, coffee grounds, baking soda, and cigarette ashes. Then it says, "If you have pica cravings, don't panic, it is not abnormal." Huh? Craving mothballs is not abnormal? Wha-?

I also love this question from the website: "Are pica cravings harmful to the baby?" "Eating non-food substances is potentially harmful to you and your baby." Oh, okay. Well, now I know. No cigarette ashes for me. Shoot! It was on the menu tonight.



Karen said...

That is the weirdest thing ever.

When I was expecting Kristi, I had serious cravings to eat snow. I didn't see that on your list, but maybe it qualifies. Much better than cigarette ashes or rocks though.

Weird things like this disturb me.

Busty LaRue said...

My SIL, "Lola", would eat chalk when she was pregnant. And just so you know, dustless chalk apparently isn't as good as the good ole' dusty kind, in case you start craving chalk! haha

Lindsay Quinney said...

That is so weird. I also think its weird that ice is on the list of pica cravings cause I would not say that is weird or harmful to you or the baby. But the rest. Really? And they say its not abnormal. I can't think of anything normal about that!

Lisa said...

I recently bought a nice bag full of fine sand (for an object lesson mind you) and i would be happy to give you a cup if that sound scrumptious. That is totally weird. I've heard of the dirt thing, but cigarette ashes? Who does that! I agree with your sister-in-law. Its not abnormal? I can't think of anything that is less abnormal! Anyway, thanks for the info. If we have another child that will be useful information to have.

Lisa said...

I have heard of pica before. I heard some people crave laundry detergent. I must admit that I love to munch on ice when I am pregnant.

Amber said...

So I just looked at your Epidural countdown-18 days?! Where did the time go?