Monday, November 23, 2009

Things I've Learned Lately

* Who decided that the month of November was really the best time to shove all but two major Young Women meetings/activities/ events in? I mean honestly. And I'm not even on the stake level.

* Matt finished painting the living room while I was in Denver (I know, he's awesome). I immediately said, "Great! Now I can put things up on our walls after one year of living here." That was in the middle of October, now it's nearing the end of November and I just got those wall hangings out of their boxes. What I've learned is now that I'm not confined to four walls in an apartment I have no idea how to tackle this project. I am at a loss.

* We've recently completed the Quinney Rounds of Car Accidents. Every family unit in Matt's family has been involved in a car accident in the last 12 or so months. We thought we were sitting pretty until a rear-ending incident at 90th South and State-ish Street. I won't tell you who was involved... but it wasn't me and it wasn't Leah.

* It just hit me yesterday that Thanksgiving is this week. Holy cow! Clam dip and frozen fruit salad here I come! Although not together, that would just be gross.

* The words, "Shmeesher smausher," can mean anything. ANYTHING. Most often though these words are the easiest way to entertain a 3 1/2 year old. It's gold I tell you. Thanks Dad!

* Cleaning your house at 7:30 in the morning is an excellent way to feel productive for the day; up until about 11:00 in the morning. Then you hit a wall. Sit down. At the computer. And blog.

* You know the hoodie that is lurking somewhere is your closet that is too gross to be worn in public? The hoodie that you bought knowing it was way too big because it's a men's size and even if the waist fit correctly the shoulders never would. The hoodie that is so loose that you could hide a spare child in it. Well I can hide a child in it, this little boy is crowding me out of my 'nicer' looking hoodies enough that this gross hoodie is my attire for the day because it's cool and I want to feel cozy. Even worse, it fits better than I ever imagined it would. -Enter tears trickling down my face-

* I have some pretty cute sisters. These sisters buy fantastically cute clothes. More specifically they've bought fantasically cute maternity clothes. I have never received so many compliments on my regular clothes as I have with these maternity clothes. It's going to be quite the let down when I fit into my regular clothes again and no one (myself included) likes them. So thank you Lisa and Tracy, for enabling me to dress the best I've ever dressed in my life.

* Christmas lights are up although not turned on yet. I think I drive Matt a little crazy when I say things like, "The lights can't be turned on until after Thanksgiving, it's too soon." He then asks why it's okay to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. My reply is, "It gets me in the Thanksgiving mood." You know he's wondering why it's can't all get me in the Thanksgiving mood, but he doesn't care that much.

* People don't like to hang out in houses that are regularly kept at 60-65 degrees. I know this because that's where my house is lately. If it gets any warmer not only am I dying of heat, but Leah rolls up her pants to her thighs saying, "Mom, it's too hot."

* The organization bug has hit full force. Usually this bug is something that I have all the time anyway, but about three times a year the bug turns into a monster. Currently it's in monster mode.

* Going through your little girl's outgrown clothes to put them away for good (well, for the time being) is a sure fire way to work up some major pregnancy hormone reactions. She sure had a lot of cute baby clothes.

* Footlong, deep fried corndog + greasy skin on fries = BEST CONCESSION AT LAVELL EDWARDS STADIUM EVER! I can't wait until this Saturday's game.

Oh and Go Cougs!


Karen said...

Great reading.

Enjoy some frozen fruit salad for me; it's not on our menu this year (we're eating at the in-laws' house who don't appreciate it the way they should. :))

Snell Family said...

I would FREEZE at your house! I keep our heat between 72-74.

After I read on Facebook about the rear-ending accident I had a dream that I rear-ended someone and when I woke up I really believed it had happened. Good thing it was only a dream! Hopefully your car isn't too damaged.