Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Copy My Blog Ideas

I'll admit it: I've copied the idea for this post, along with my Halloween food post. My sister blogged about these two things first. Reading her well worded thoughts spurred me into some less-well worded blogging of my own.

This last weekend I was able to go to Time Out For Women: Sweet Assurance with my mom and a couple of my sisters. May I just say? If you haven't attended Time Our For Women, you probably should. Deseret Book produces it in many cities nationwide. This is, in fact, the first time it's come to Salt Lake City.

What a weekend we had. It started Friday evening, we stayed overnight downtown, and then the conference continued from nine the next morning until nearly four that afternoon. W-O-W! It was so wonderful. We heard from many speakers. Some were better than others, but all had a great message to share. Sheri Dew, S. Michael Wilcox, Kris Belcher (yes, her name sounds like it's spelled), and Wendy L. Watson (Elder Russell M. Nelson's wife) affected me in a way that I didn't know I needed affecting. Sheri Dew especially impressed me. I'd never heard her speak before, outside of General Conference, and I'd always felt that she was sort of 'played up'. "Oh Sheri Dew is so wonderful." "Isn't Sheri Dew such a strong person?" Blah, blah, blah. Well now I get it. She really is that great. She feels so strongly about what she does and speaks about, you can hardly deny that she is rock solid in a very sandy world.

I am so thrilled that I was able to share that experience with my mom and sisters.

Needless to say, I was uplifted.

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Tracy said...

Actually I think your "copy" posts have outshined mine both times. :)

So I figure next time, we'll just take a long lunch during the 'we're less than interested' talks and it'll be PERFECTION! I'm having sisters/mom withdrawals.