Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Self Control

I used to think that I had some pretty good self control. Then I started loving chocolate-dipped strawberries. And, when I make cookie dough usually only about six cookies actually get cooked, the rest of the dough sits in the fridge awaiting my return with a spoon in hand.

I've been saying for quite some time that I have no self control when it comes to chocolate-dipped strawberries (we all know this) and cookie dough. Apparently I've been kidding myself. Let me introduce you to the newest addition to the 'Melanie, You're Just Too Weak' team.

I've always enjoyed Fruit Roll-Ups. But not until I started buying them for myself (you know the first few years I ate them from my school lunches) did I actually realize that they pull me in like a magnetic force. It isn't really fair anymore either. The boxes used to come with just 9 full sized rolls. I could stop after one or two when they were full sized. But NOW! Now, they are boxed as 18 mini rolls. Well, it's a whole lot harder to stop eating their deliciousness when they are so small and cute. Case and point: after going to the store this morning with Leah and Leah only eating one of the mini rolls, the 17 remaining rolls are g o n e. Just imagine that box with all the wrappers sticking out the top and you'll imagine what I'm actually looking at on my desk right this second.


Karen said...

That is hilarious. I share your passion for both chocolate-covered strawberries and for cookie dough (you use a spoon??). I haven't had fruit roll-ups for quite a few years, so I'm not sure about those. But I will share a little secret with you -- I could quite possibly eat an entire can of french-fried onions in one sitting. That might beat your roll-ups in the weirdness category!

Lindsay Quinney said...

You are so funny! I have not had a fruit roll-up in so long. I would have to say at least ten years! Your background is really cute by the way.

Tanah said...

That is really funny! I am the same way though, I enjoy having kids so I can eat all their snack! Goldfish and fruitsnacks, here I come!