Thursday, May 28, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Just a few phrases I've been hearing lately:

*Leah: "I want to have aaaaaaaaaaaa Daddy for dinner [also substitute lunch]!"

*Leah: "[insert jabber, and when I say jabber I mean it. She has definitely made up most of her language]

Mom: "Wow! You're a Motor Mouth."

Leah: "Don't say that, now I have to tell my father how I feel." She marches off and turns around, "Wait a second, what is a Motor Mouth?"

*Leah: "Mama, can Daddy make dinner tonight?" Of course I always oblige this request...

*Leah: Hearing the garage door open, "Papa's home!"

*Leah: "Mom! Don't hit dad, now say you're sorry." Of course she never makes him apologize when he hits me.

*Leah: "Daddy, put your seat belt on."

*Leah: "Mama, when you go to Young Women I'm going to cry and cry and cry." Okay that one was just for me.

Side Note: Somehow I just walked out of the store with another box of Fruit Roll Ups, don't ask me how this happened, I don't really know.


Nicole said...

I know how you are feeling. Zach is his dad's boy. I am lucky to get any attention.

Tracy said...

I can just hear her. (Wait a minute, what's a motor mouth?) Why don't I write down everything my little ones say??

Mirien said...

Sometimes it seems just a little unfair how dad's get all the glory--they get to be the fun ones. Corinne feels the same way about her dad--and I'm just the mean one who makes her get dressed and clean her room and wash her hands, blah, blah, blah.

Paul said...

It must be an unspoken rule somewhere that Dads are way more fun than Moms. I love all of her quotes! What a funny girl!

Sarah said...

oops...that was me. :)

Lindsay Quinney said...

What a funny little girl you have!