Thursday, February 5, 2009

This is NOT the most logical thing to be doing right now.

I've got a few other things that I should be doing right now, my plate is fairly full today... oh well, two minute post.

Remember this delightful arrangement?
It's no longer needed. I made my own last night. APRIL, as far as I can tell those strawberries are not laced with anything. I don't know, I only ate them last night... and this morning... right after I worked out (is that counter productive?). And they were $1.50/lb. not $0.89/lb. Still that's pretty dang cheap for what they usually go for at this time of year. Oh but you do have to make at least a $4.00 purchase at this particular store to have them run a debit/credit card. "Unfortunately", I had to buy three containers of strawberries last night. Darn them for forcing my hand!

Want to hear what a great mom I am? Leah and I were driving merrily on our way over to a friend's house yesterday. After we left the house Leah kept popping her head around my seat so I could see her in my rear view mirror saying, "Hi mom! I see you!" I didn't think it was weird. Then the thought occurred to me, "She hasn't always been able to do that. Why can she now?" Not until I ALMOST entered the freeway did I realize that I had totally forgotten to buckle her in. Yep, I had put her in the seat and shut the door. You'd think I hadn't been buckling a child into a car seat for the past 2 1/2 years. Like it's a new theory for me to have to remember. Well, Leah had a blast. And I, well, I nearly had a heart attack when I realized that I could have recognized that situation at a much more crucial (and less opportune) time, like when I was on the freeway. I was instantly chastised when I pulled over to actually buckle her in. Leah called me, let me get this right, a, "Mean Mommy." She'll definitely thank me when she's older.

Oh and after editing and everything, this post ended up being a 9 minute post.


Snell Family said...

Hey, thanks for testing those! I'm jealous, now I need to go and get some. Thanks for hanging out with us yesterday. Good luck with your shower. (well, not yours but the one you're hosting)

Sarah said...

9 minutes is pretty good! I've done that too, I am ashamed to say. A few months ago, Benjamin was whining as we were pulling out of the drive way, and when I finally realized he wasn't asking for "cuddles" (his blanket) and was saying "buckles," I quickly pulled over and helped him out. He is SO needy! :)
You have inspired me and now I am going to have to make some chocolate covered strawberries as well. That is a pretty amazing deal you found on strawberries!

Lindsay Quinney said...

Oh my!! David and i are laughing hysterically about the Leah story!! She is such a funny girl. So dang cute!!

Mirien said...

That carseat thing is scary! I've done it, too--probably at least once with each child. And I also get called "mean" whenever I won't let Corinne do what she wants. It's a compliment.

Tracy said...

I'm with Mirien--I just did that with Fisher a few weeks ago (in my 12th year of buckling kids into carseats...) Yep, nothing like feeling like a total idiot and realizing how easily your child could have opened the door and rolled out onto the road. Shudder.