Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One of those days, posted a day late

I wrote this yesterday but didn't have time to actually post it until today.

*Being on the phone with Comcast for 15 minutes to get them to email me a PIN. And it still hasn't been done yet (1 1/2 hours later).

*Having to get the oil changed.

*Waiting at the store for two hours to get the oil changed... over a two year old's lunch time... at Wal Mart! Let me give you a simple equation, albeit long: Hungry Melanie + Hungry Leah + 2 Hour Oil Change Wait = 1 Lucky Husband (you see, I only spent $25 outside of the oil change rather than the $hundreds$ I contemplated).

*Remember that 2 hours wait for the oil change? Turns out it was only 45 minutes. I didn't hear my name called the ONE time they called it. When I got back there they were perturbed with me for leaving my car in a 'highly used parking spot'. Oh, I apologize for not hearing my name the ONE time you called it in a very large and highly trafficked store. Right, my bad.

*I left the store having not made sure that the fools reset my oil mileage counter. They didn't reset it. Turn back around and impose upon them to finish the job up (yeah, the guy must have been really mad at me because he didn't say a word to me until I asked him when I declined the vacuum job that comes with the standard oil change, I think steam emitted from his ears).

*Finally pull into my driveway from the longest oil change in the universe only to realize that I had put my $25 worth of groceries on the floor to pay for the oil change and forgot to pick them back up. -Sigh- back to the store, muttering the whole way.

*The promised, and very anticipated, trip to the library was cut short when we pulled into the library only to find that it's closed. Duh, President's Day!


Amber said...

And that's 1 reason I hate Wal-Mart!

Lambert Family said...

Jason refuses to go to Wal-Mart for reasons like that! Sounds like quite the ordeal. I hate days like that!

Tracy said...

The leaving the groceries part is the icing. Roar!

Lynsie said...

Oh don't you just LOVE Wal-Mart days? I had one not too long ago myself, but for some strange reason... I keep going back. I'm sorry for your Wal-Mart experience that day.

Lindsay Quinney said...

How frustrating!! Too bad their oil changes are the cheapest around.

Carl and Steph said...

Everytime we visit our dumpy Wal-Mart (you thought the one in West Jordan was bad before the update...) I mutter "I hate wal-mart." May your next trip be much better.